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Is Choosing a Fragrance from a Top Mens Cologne List The Way to Go?

Much emphasis has been placed on the importance of choosing just the right fragrance for you. Cologne is much like a sum of your personality. Each element of cologne you choose should remind you, or others, of some aspect of who you are and what you are all about.

It is important to remember that, like clothes, choose a cologne that smells like you and not because you want to smell like it. It should definitely complement your personality and not overpower it.

Now, with the massive amount of colognes available in the market today how do you choose one that speaks the language of you? It is good to note, though, that just because it is priced higher it does not mean it will smell better on you.

Every fragrance smells different on every person so cologne that is highly recommended by some friend or is on the list of top men cologne in the world does not immediately mean that it is the best one for you.

Two Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Cologne for You

Before running off to the store and buying a bottle of whatever first cologne you find appealing. There are a generally just 2 main factors you can consider when choosing one.


There are different categories of perfumes and it can sometimes be confusing. Choosing one will depend on how you long lasting and subtle, or heavy, you want your cologne to be.

If you are looking for something longer lasting than go for the Parfum. It is the most concentrated and, often times, most expensive of all forms. Because of its concentration level and slightly oilier it can be too heavy and overpowering.

For something a little bit more light and fresh, try Cologne. It typically lasts for 2 to 3 hours and would often have a fruity note to it. If you want something that can last longer but not too light, then Eau de Toilette or Perfume will be a good choice. It lasts longer but it’s not as light as cologne, nor as heavy as a perfume.


When choosing a fragrance, it is also important to know the different layers of scents it gives off. Notes are simply the three different layers of smell of a fragrance. Each layer gives of a different scent depending on the blend of ingredients used for each.

The top note is the initial scent. This is what you will smell when you first apply a cologne. After the top note comes the medium or a heart note which showcases the main element of the fragrance.

Last is the base note which is often the bolder one of the three.

This is the reason why it is always a good idea to try and test a fragrance on your skin before actually buying it. Leaving it on and letting the notes dry out and evolve is the best way to determine which cologne is the best one for you.





 Curve by Liz Claiborne for Men – 4.2 Ounce Cologne Spray $ 4.3 / 5
 Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Toilettes Spray, Light Blue, 4.2 Fluid Ounce $$ 4.5 / 5
 Happy By Clinique For Men. Cologne Spray 3.4 Ounces $$ 4.6 / 5
 The One By Dolce and Gabbana for Men, 3.3 Ounce $$ 4.5 / 5
 Pheromones For Men Pheromone Cologne $$ 4.3 / 5
 Tommy Bahama St Barts Cologne Eau de Cologne Spray for Men, 3.4 Ounce $ 4.6 / 5
 LUCKY YOU by Liz Claiborne Cologne for Men (COLOGNE SPRAY 3.4 OZ) $ 4.3 / 5
 Mambo by Liz Claiborne for Men, Cologne Spray, 3.4-Ounce $ 4.4 / 5
 Tommy Hilfiger By TOMMY HILFIGER 3.4 oz Cologne Spray For Men $ 4.5 / 5
 Christian Dior Sauvage Colognes, 2 Fluid Ounce $$$ 4.6 / 5

Curve by Liz Claiborne for Men

With just any scent, there are certain fragrances that can give affect your mood. A scent that is a little bit more fruity somehow makes you be in a lighter mood while a cologne with a little bit of spice makes you feel more sensual and manly. For something a little bit more refreshing, the Curve by Liz Claiborne might just be the perfect mood changer.


  • Design House: Liz Claiborne
  • Fragrance Notes: Lavender, juniper berry and leaves, mid notes of Bergamot, Ginseng, Cardamom and cactus with Sandalwood, Pepper, Amber, Vetiver and Mahogany
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Dimension: 9 x 7 x 5 inches; 12 ounces
  • Recommended Use: daytime wear, for men


The Curve by Liz Claiborne for Men is made with a blend of floral and spicy scent which gives you that familiar scent of spring or summer. That floral note comes from the lavender and juniper berry while the ginseng, cardamom and cactus give it that hint of spice undertone.

This cologne spray also has sandalwood, pepper and mahogany thrown in the mix rounding off the scent to a more masculine fragrance.

The combination of notes is a departure from the usual aquatic scent that is very common to most cologne sprays for men thus, giving the Curve by Liz Claiborne a little bit of an edge when it comes to complexity on its base notes.

This scent can also be very uplifting and refreshing. Because of that wonderful citrus scent it is just the right fragrance for casual, everyday wear. It is also pretty much a crowd pleaser. It is unpretentious


Although the blend of citrus and spice can be quite pleasing, a few who have used and reviewed this cologne have found that it can also be too feminine for a fragrance targeted for men. This type of scent is also limited in terms of marketability since it can be more suitable for young professionals or young adults only.

They also note that the Curve by Liz Claiborne is not as long lasting as expected from such a design house.

You may have to re-apply the cologne several times throughout the day just to keep it long lasting. This also resulted in having to spray the cologne to several areas in your body as opposed to just 2 or 3.

Some have also mentioned that the top note of this cologne gives off too much lavender which can be quite overpowering. This does fade a little during dry down and the other notes start to emerge.


Because of its citrus notes and spice undertone, the Curve by Liz Claiborne is a good go-to for everyday, casual wear. It is not too complex for day time but has enough layers of scent that it can be worn at night. It is good for most occasions and for most seasons.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue for Men

A scent can definitely say something about who you are and the type of personality you have. It is pretty much a quick first impression of what someone is all about without having to get to know that person. People who like floral scents are often people who are happy while people who use scents that have a fruity note are more easy going and playful.

For a more laid back projection, the Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue for Men might just be the fragrance you want to wear to let people know what you are all about.


  • Design House: Dolce & Gabbana
  • Fragrance notes: Mandarin, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Juniper, Rosewood, Rosemary, Musk, Wood, Oak moss, Incense
  • Product weight: 4.2 Fl. Oz.
  • Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 5 inches
  • Recommended use: casual wear for men


The combination of mandarin, rosemary, grapefruit, musk, wood, oak moss and incense gives the D & G Light Blue a good mix of fruity yet masculine vibe.

The musk, wood, oak moss and incense are a good combination of notes to give it just the right amount of masculinity while the blend of mandarin, rosemary and grapefruit makes it pleasant and appealing to women.

This combination also gives this cologne that refreshing and crisp scent that is perfect for everyday use.

It is milder than most cologne available in the market, which makes it a good option for casual, year-round wear. The heart note of wood, musk and oak moss it also makes it an option to wear at night.


A few people who have used this cologne have found, however, that it is not as long lasting as you would hope. The initial spray will provide you with great projection but it will fade in just a few hours. This resulted in having to spray it a few times.

Contrary to what others say, this cologne is too mild to be worn both during the day and at night. They found that the scent it gives off from the initial spray can also be quite overwhelming.

Some have also mentioned that it is too one note so during dry down the scents becomes too muted and easily fades away. This makes it less appealing in terms of long lasting power and too subdue for more than a casual occasion.


Although longevity is a concern for some, Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue is still a good option for casual, day to day wear. It is a good scent that gives off a certain cool vibe. It is clean, light, fresh and crisp, which makes it a perfect fragrance for summer or even spring.

Happy by Clinique for Men

Nothing evokes a memory more than a certain smell does. It has been said that we associate certain smells to specific memories in our brain. It is essentially an olfactory scrapbook that allows you to go back to a specific period in your life that you may, or may not, have forgotten.

Happy by Clinique is one of those top men cologne scents that give you that particular flashback. It is such a classic and popular scent that you can immediately associate a memory when you get a sniff of this refreshing spritz. This cologne is designed to be light, pleasant and refreshing.


  • Design House: Clinique
  • Fragrance Notes: citrusy lemon, mandarin, orange and grapefruit
  • Recommended Use: day time for men
  • Product Dimension: 2 x 2 x 6 inches; 1 pound


The combination of lemon, mandarin, orange and grapefruit gives Happy by Clinique for Men that nostalgic feeling of being young and carefree. It is a good outdoor scent that often gives you that feeling of spring. The citrus note is definitely what makes this cologne so refreshing and crisp. It is not as obtrusive as a spicy orange note, but just enough orange scent to know that there is one.

Aside from the citrus note, Happy by Clinique also has a floral undertone to it. This gives the cologne a little bit more depth in fragrance than what you would expect for such a clean scent. The green note gives you that uplifting feel without it being too in-your-face.


Because of its citrus note, a few people have found that it can be too one note and tame. They find that it is not as complex as you would expect. This can also limit its usability to just summer or even spring but can be quite muted for winter and fall.

It is definitely a good option for casual wear but not more than that.

Some also have found that the scent would start to fade away just 3 to 4 hours from the initial application making longevity a concern. Spraying it several times a day should be done if you want to keep the fragrance last.

The very strong lemon scent it gives off from the initial application can also be a bit overwhelming. There is also a synthetic fruitiness about it during dry down that is too heavy and overpowering.


Ultimately, Happy by Clinique for Men is still a good option for every day, summer wear. It is unobtrusive without being overbearing. Its light, crisp, refreshing scent makes it a perfect starter scent particularly for someone who is not as familiar with fragrances.

Although some may find it too one note, there a few hints of layered scents that will give you the right mix of cool and happy vibe.

The One by Dolce and Gabbana for Men

Choosing the right cologne for you does take time and a little bit of effort. This is because a fragrance plays an important role in projecting to the world who we are and what we are all about. Often times, a fragrance that we consistently wear is something that people tend to associate with us. So, it is quite important to choose one that says “This is me” perfectly.

For guys who would like to project an elegant, classy, yet pleasing vibe then The One by Dolce and Gabbana is a good option. It is a spicy-oriental scent that screams elegance yet it has a sweet undertone in it that says approachable.


  • Design House: Dolce and Gabbana
  • Fragrance Notes: bergamot, coriander, basil, cardamom, ginger, neroli, cedar, ambergris, tobacco
  • Product Dimension: 3 x 3 x 5 inches; 1 pound
  • Recommended Use: casual wear for men


With the combination of bergamot, coriander, basil, cardamom, ginger, neroli, cedar, ambergris, tobacco, The One by Dolce and Gabbana gives a very distinct scent that is unlike some cologne available in the market today.

The oriental and woody blend makes it a warmer fragrance than most of Dolce & Gabbanas perfume line. It is heavy enough to wear at night, but spicy enough for day time, casual wear.

The clear, spicy and woody notes give a very masculine scent. The top note has a citrus scent that is light and refreshing but the tobacco note makes it more complex without being too overbearing.

It is a manly yet refined fragrance that is appealing to men and attracts women.


The blend of spices and oriental notes gives the One by Dolce and Gabbana its complex fragrance it also limits its market to somewhat the mature crowd. It can be too heavy for a young professional. This complexity can be too much for some as well.

A few who have reviewed this cologne found that the top note is too much tropical fruit, although it does die down after a while and the note of tobacco emerges through.

They have also noted that the scent does not last long as you would expect. After the initial application, the fragrance would be good but after a few hours it would die down and start to fade. You would then have to re-apply to get that desired effect back.

Some have also found that the sillage and projection of The One by Dolce and Gabbana is quite low compared to other brands of the same level in the market. You may get the effect you want after the initial spray but it will fade as the day goes on.


For someone who likes a manly, classy and elegant fragrance, then the One by Dolce and Gabbana is definitely the right pick. The spice and wood blend is just the right amount to give you that masculine scent without being too overpowering. Others might find this cologne too heavy for everyday use, but it is great for casual wear.

Raw Chemistry Pheromones for Men Pheromone Cologne

For someone who is looking to get that extra edge of getting the ladies’ attention, the Pheromone cologne might be just the ticket. Nowadays, these pheromone colognes have grown such popularity that finding one that will give you the desired effect will not be as difficult.

You may want to try the Raw Chemistry Pheromones for Men Pheromone Cologne which has patented blend of human pheromones on top of a sweet smelling scent, both of which can give you a boost.


  • Extra Strength Concentration of Human Grade Pheromones
  • Patented blend of human pheromones including Androstadienone, Androstenol, Androstenone and Androsterone.
  • Scented cologne oil
  • Includes silky smooth, moisturizing blend for better pheromones absorption
  • Claims: Uses pharmaceutical grade human pheromones cologne that works for over 24 hours after being applied
  • Recommended use: daily use for men


The Raw Chemistry Pheromones for Men Pheromone Cologne gives off a sweet scent that is appealing to both men and women. It is made of human grade pheromones that claim to attract women. This cologne is long lasting that works 24 hours, even after the first application so there is no need for re-application.

A few people who have reviewed this product found that there is a change in how they feel and how they carry themselves when they used this cologne. You become more confident, more relaxed and more approachable to women.

It has a moisturizing base, giving off a smoother and silkier finish. This also makes it suitable for someone with dry skin. With its blend of natural oils, the Raw Chemistry Pheromones for Men Pheromone Cologne scent is quite concentrated attributing to its longevity.

This also makes it a great complement to cologne that you may already be using.


Although this cologne has certain effects, a few who have used and reviewed this product found that it takes a while and possibly several applications before you can see any specific changes. It may not give you the “women are falling on their knees” effect but the change does come, although it may be subtle.

The natural oils used for this cologne may also become too oily for some and can cause stains on clothing.


The aroma of the Raw Chemistry Pheromones for Men Pheromone Cologne is sweet and non-offensive so it can be used for everyday wear. Although the effect may be too subtle to tell, the application of this cologne might just give you the result you want. It apparently does have an effect on one’s mood which may be the cause for people to find them more pleasant and appealing.