There are certain scents that are associated with memories in our lives. From that apple pie smell from our childhood to that vanilla perfume that our grandmother wore, there are specific scents that we associate with our memories, whether good or bad.

This also holds true for fragrances. There are just some that are so familiar to us that it brings us back to a specific time in our lives. Happy by Clinique for Men is one of those scents that flash you back on days gone by. It gives you that pleasant and refreshing fragrance reminding you of summer. This cologne spray has a citrusy note that is great for everyday wear.


  • Design House: Clinique
  • Fragrance Notes: citrusy lemon, mandarin, orange and grapefruit
  • Recommended Use: day time for men
  • Product Dimension: 2 x 2 x 6 inches; 1 pound


Happy by Clinique for Men is designed to be a light-hearted, refreshing spritz. The combination of the various citrus notes of lemon, mandarin, orange and grapefruit gives this cologne that summer-is-here fragrance. It is a good outdoor scent.

The citrus note gives this cologne that refreshing and crisp fragrance. Unlike other citrus scents, the orange gives a bright and fresh fragrance rather a spicy orange note. Because of its sweet and natural-smelling citrus smell, it can give a very energizing scent. It is also a scent that is very appealing to women.

The middle note holds a surprising amount of floral scent which adds a little complexity to this aquatic cologne. The green heart note is what uplifts the citrus scent giving that “happy” vibe. It is also not too acidic. The absence of the sharp, tangy and zesty vibe of citruses suits its name perfectly. It is a casual scent that is suitable for everyday wear.

This cologne is also a good fragrance to wear during summer time. A faint wood base note from cedar, Mediterranean cypress and guiac wood gives it that masculine undertone without being too overpowering.  The combination of the citrus notes makes it such a crisp, clean fragrance that you would want to wear it all the time. This makes it a very easy-to-wear, versatile fragrance.

The initial application will give you a sweet, citrusy tang, but it mutes down during dry down and gives you a pleasant, mild and amber-like scent.


Although Happy by Clinique for Men is great for daily use, a few people who have reviewed this cologne have found that the longevity of this scent would generally only last about 3 to 4 hours before it would start to tone and mute down. It can fade fast and you would not be able to smell it on your skin.

They also mentioned that projection and sillage is low. You may then have to spray it several times in a day just to keep the smell last longer. You may even have to carry it along.

A few have also mentioned that the scent can be a bit tame. With mostly scents from citrus notes, Happy by Clinique is often described as one note and not as complex as other cologne sprays available in the market. They say that it is largely an orange aquatic, without any fuss making it quite common.

Because of its mild and citrus fragrance, this cologne’s use can be limited to just summer or spring. Some also say that it is too citrusy for a masculine fragrance and can be more suitable for women.

The initial application also gives off a very strong lemon scent which can be overwhelming. They also found that there is a synthetic fruitiness during dry down.

While others find this lingering smell just fine, some find it too heavy. The woody note during this time is present, but may be too subtle for a masculine fragrance.

On the flip side, a few who have reviewed this product found that the wood note can be too overpowering which does not mesh well with the initial sweet fruity top notes.


With its citrus fragrance notes, Happy by Clinique for Men is a perfect starter cologne for someone who is still finding their way in the world of fragrance. It gives such an unobtrusive, easy and chill scent making it such a good option for casual and subtle daily use without being overbearing.

Although you may have to spray this on a few times within a day, it is an uncomplicated cologne spray that does not give you that in-your-face fragrance like some cologne sprays for men available in the market today.