When it comes to men’s colognes, does the price really matter? With the amount of colognes available today, it is often difficult to choose one that is right for you. There are several factors you have to consider from the actual scent right down to the best time to wear a certain cologne.

However, it is important to remember that unlike certain products the most expensive cologne is not necessarily the most suitable one for you.

There is no absolute guide when it comes to buying cheap cologne versus a more expensive one largely because cologne selection is a personal choice based on one’s taste. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to both that can help you decide when it is time to purchase one.

Most inexpensive colognes tend to smell sweeter than the average fragrance. This does not mean that the ingredients used are of lesser quality. It is mostly because they are often designed to target the younger market, the young adults and young professionals who may not necessarily have the ability to purchase an expensive bottle of cologne.

Expensive ones, on the other hand, are a little bit more complex. This is because they are often created with several layers of fragrance, namely, top notes, middle notes and base notes. However, not all expensive perfumes are made with all layers.

Some would only have the top and middle notes.

It is important to note, though, that some cheap cologne tend to be of one note, mainly because they do not have these lateral scents. After a few hours, the smell of some inexpensive colognes will start to fade.

This means having the same smell all throughout the day which can be overbearing and heavy. This could also result in having to apply the more inexpensive colognes a few times throughout the day.

With expensive colognes, a little goes a long way. It has better projection, sillage and longevity in general.

Although mainly composed of sweet-smelling scents, cheap colognes are not all made of synthetics. It is a common misconception that cheap equates to synthetic. This is not necessarily true. To the contrary, there are a few branded or designer colognes that are built on synthetic as opposed to the popular assumption that they use all natural ingredients.

The best kind of synthetics used in some of these expensive colognes is often very expensive.

A lot of how a cologne is priced is sometimes due to how it is branded and may not necessarily be because of the actual ingredients used to create it. A cologne branded to be high end will definitely be priced higher even if the ingredients used to make it is relatively the same as an inexpensive one.

There are also a handful of colognes available in the market today that is priced differently because of its reputation. Whether it smells good or not is a personal taste. Some companies would market colognes as a lifestyle or style decision which could essentially play a major factor on how it is priced.

It may not be a huge influence but the emotional value on certain colognes may affect its price as well. The value we associate with a given scent often times has nothing to do with what it is made of or how it is made of; but more to do with the memories we associate it with.

Buying the more expensive cologne does not, however, assure that you will smell like an angel. Some will still prefer the lower-priced ones.

It is all just a matter of personal taste. Also, it is important to remember that people have a unique smell-print so one cologne can be of different smell.

No two perfumes are alike, either, because the way a cologne reacts to your personal body odor will not be similar to another.

Ultimately, the cost does not really matter.  If you like the way it smells on you then it does not really matter if you buy the most expensive cologne or not.